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Saturday 8th   Crystal Palace

Women spotlights women-led stories about love, strength and identity. Whether they’re finding their feet or fighting their corner, tonight’s protagonists re-emphasise the importance of women in front of and behind the camera in an industry still defined by inequality.


We’re taking over Everyman Crystal Palace today, so join us for a celebration of women in film followed by a Q&A with some of tonight’s fantastic filmmakers.


We're running screenings and events in Crystal Palace all day today, with the in-cinema screening of Women starting at 6:10. Check out our Hope & Healing screening on before this one, and join us for pitching sessions, chats and socials throughout the day. Sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of this page for more details.


Everyman Crystal Palace

Saturday 8th October, 2pm


Have a one-on-one pitching session with the team behind Greenlit, a British-based crowdfunding platform designed specifically for creatives. Since Greenlit’s founding in April 2019, they’ve helped hundreds of creatives make their vision a reality and heard pitches from all sorts of films ranging from documentaries to horror to music videos. Get feedback and discuss funding and marketing options with one of their crowdfunding experts at their pitch speed dating event.

Spaces are very limited so sign up quickly to avoid missing out. You can sign up to the pitching session using this form.


If you're joining for the pitching event, consider attending the Hope & Healing screening which begins immediately after the event, and before our WOMEN screening, to meet filmmakers and watch some more brilliant short films.

Finding the Lighthouse

Michael Cox / New Zealand / 10 min

Estranged sisters Emilia and Charlie meet at a rural car park with plans to take their recently deceased mother’s ashes to the lighthouse they once went to as kids. On the journey, they battle with the awkwardness of the situation while re-discovering their relationship. Emilia reveals something that changes the dynamic of their relationship completely. The walk started as duty but ended as reconnection and finally, Aroha as a result of the shared experience.

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Eilidh Nicoll / UK / 6 Min

Upon discovering a grey hair, a woman becomes entangled in insecurity and fear of the future. The sanctuary of the bathroom takes a turn for the sinister as she spirals into a panic – and the hair becomes her tormentor.

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Madeleine Shenai / UK / 15 Min

A teenage girl and her father learn to overcome their anxieties after the most embarrassing moment of her young life.

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Shireen Ayache / UK / 12 Min

The Call: Laila, a university student, and her mum are based in the UK when they receive a call to hear a bomb has exploded in their home country Lebanon. They must make decisions and try to heal from the experience despite their conflicting views.

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Gillian Harker / UK / 4 Min

A young girl and her dad bond over a game of Rugby League.

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Cotton Socks

Lisa Clarkson / UK /  16 Min

A lapdancer is forced to reconsider her role after her besotted client discovers she is a mother.


Holly Kirsten Macmaster / Spain / 4 Min

Documentary following Femiñetas, a collaborative feminist newspaper based in Barcelona, Spain and Rosario, Argentina, as they create their 9th newspaper and look back on past highlights.

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Flat Broke

Dann Emmons / UK / 12 Min

Max quietly gets on with a flat viewing hosted by laddish Sam until she sees an opportunity to get him out of the room. Max darts for the fridge and raids the flat for food, but when Sam discovers her backpack of stolen goods, things take an aggressive turn.


Galina Chakarova / UK /  6 Min

A young girl gliding through life on her roller blades has to contend with the pandemic and leave her blisfull life behind.

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Alexander Mansfield Martinez / UK / 15 Min

Coming-of-age drama about Maya, caught in limbo as she navigates the world with a secret only she knows. When Maya refuses to sneak out to a club, her friend wonders why she has been acting strangely. When Maya's mother, a hard-working nurse, leaves for a night shift, Maya spends the evening looking after her grandmother and sister. But after Maya puts them to bed, something weighs on her mind.

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