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Thursday 23rd 

Today we're spotlighting women-driven narratives about resilience, recovery and reckoning.

An online screening, get tickets here and keep an eye out on Instagram for Q&As with the filmmakers!

I Am

Jerry Hoffmaann / Germany / 25 min

One day, the withdrawn Noé finds a motionless android in the forest, takes it with her and reactivates it. It's the beginning of a strange relationship when, far too late, Noé realizes that the android is copying her personality.

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Bed Bugs

Kaitlyn T. Busbee / US / 9 Min

A young woman confronts her trauma by dealing with the only thing she has power over: her mattress.


Jingqi Zhang / US / 3 Min

A daughter goes back to see her father and reckons with the passing of time. 



Tess McArthur-Dowty / Australia / 4 Min

‘Vigilance’ explores how it feels to be a woman moving through the world at night, and reclaims the horror-like nightscape of Melbourne to open discussions about whether it is worth trading freedom of movement for feelings of safety.

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Gillian Harker / UK / 12 Min

A woman reverts into self-loathing and food abuse after her actions cause a relationship to fail - the fallout documented in voice notes.

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Jeanine B. Frost / US / 13 Min

Ellen’s ability to keep her traumatic past at bay is challenged when she discovers her adoptive child's periods have started. Battling with memories she must navigate her own damaged self-perception to offer up support to those she loves.

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Josh Pickup / UK / 29 min

After disappearing from their broken home three years ago, Grace appears in her sister’s life in an attempt to protect and make amends with a less than cooperative Ella. Grace and Ella trek the beautiful countryside of Kent, but there is nothing blissful about their time together. Past trauma and unresolved tensions simmer below the surface and as the days pass by, the safety and sanity of both sisters will be tested.

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