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September 3rd 2017

AKELA Feature Film (UK)


2:00pm – 3:15pm

£6 Tickets


When a haphazard scout leader tries to help her scouts win the Superscout Award they end up accidentally camping in a safari park, battling a militia of girl scouts, and uncovering a criminal organization.


Disclaimer: All ages are welcome
to this screening.
Contains adult themes.


Don’t forget to pick up your free
popcorn on the way in!


TOTAL TIME: 71 min

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3:45pm – 5:00pm

£6 Tickets


Navigating the complexities of family life is an ongoing challenge that is explored today through all stages, from cradle to grave. Get wrapped up in the messy web of familial expectations, disappointment, love, loss, and violent Christmas board games.  


Don’t forget to pick up your free
popcorn on the way in!


Head Space – USA – 5 min

Jack’s Mind – UK – 11 min

Stalemate – UK - 11 min

The Last King of Granada – UK – 5 min

Just Saying – UK – 14 min

Renen Karaoke – Israel – 25 min


TOTAL TIME: 71 min


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5:15pm - 6:30pm 

£6 Tickets

We’re suckers for an underdog. We idolize the anti-hero.
We adore the murderers and cannibals. Well, we do now.
Loveable Misfits blurs the line between weird and
wonderful, and will have you rooting for the certifiably
insane and the Welsh.


Don’t forget to pick up your free popcorn on the way in!


Psychopath’s Anonymous – UK – 18 min

Hungry For Love – USA – 12 min

Quartermaine - Australia - 11 min

The Smear Campaign - USA - 8 min

The Fall Guy – UK – 17 min


TOTAL TIME: 67 minutes

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6:45pm – 8:00pm

£6 Tickets 


Not riding on the coattails of any popular hashtags or SEO rankings, This Girl Can is a series of shorts illustrating the power to overcome adversity met by women across generations. Exploring mental health and social expectations, to asserting yourself outside of your cult, tonight, sisters are doing it for themselves. 


Ariane’s Sky – Canada – 3 min

Fool’s Gold – UK – 20 min

Pulling – UK – 13 min

Not Just For Christmas – UK – 20 min

Secret – Germany – 10 min


TOTAL TIME: 66 min

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Tickets by request/invitation - apply at


We wrap up the very first Little Wing Film Festival with our list of prizes and awards!

Join us in the pub for a drink and a chat with your fellow filmmakers.

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