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We're Hiring - LWFF21 Poster Designer

We’re looking to commission a designer to create our festival poster for Little Wing Film Festival 2021!

In the past we’ve held poster competitions open to young designers and have found incredibly talented students to create our festival posters. This year, we’re looking to commission a young designer to create a piece to be used across our event. As always, we’re looking for students, recent graduates, and those who are brand new to graphic design to create our poster and share their work with the world.

In what has been a really tough year, we want to champion new creatives by creating more paid opportunities for their work to be seen and shared, and to help build new pathways into the industry.

Who we are: Little Wing Film Festival is a grassroots, volunteer-run festival for students, graduates, and first-time filmmakers. We believe young creatives should be rewarded for their work with more than just exposure and experience and, starting in film, we’re working to make the creative industries more accessible and sustainable for young people.

We believe the future of cinema is in its grassroots, and the more accessible and diverse its storytellers can be, the more we’ll accurately be able to represent the voices that make up our society and contribute to a wider social narrative. We’d say the same of design too, and we’d like to see your voice coming through your work.

Who you are: We’re looking for students, new graduates (within approximately 2 years), or young designers brand new to the craft. If this is your first job in design – fantastic! If you’re a little more seasoned and working for yourself – brilliant! If you have designs you’ve already created that you think would apply to this, you’re very welcome to utilise them. If you have signature styles, let those shine through. We want this to be very clearly your work, and we’d love you to sign the poster so we can wear your work with pride.

The brief: As always, we’re looking for a design which embodies the ethos of the festival. This is up to you how you interpret our aspirations and audience as described in Who We Are. You can check out our previous winners below. If you have any questions, please ask us.

The design must include the following:

Title: Little Wing Film Festival 2021 - amendments include film fest, '21

Date: September 14-17th 2021; please note we follow the date format dd/mm/yy, and that these dates are subject to change.


Social icons: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook; handles not required

Your mark: Include a "Made by ..." signature somewhere discreetly on the page. We want to emphasise that these are designs made by up-and-coming designers and make sure everyone knows that it's your work.


Activities: Workshops, Discussions, Q&As

Location: London

Please note that the design will need to be edited in future to include sponsor logos. This will involved a space being left at the bottom of the page running horizontally. ​We will work with the winning design to amend any copy details or make minor tweaks before going to print. Please be prepared to work with us closely in the days following the announcement - usually very quick and easy!

Rate: 150 GBP

Submit here:

It is important to include your experience and eligibility as a new designer; your work won’t be considered without it. Your submission should include a visual idea of your pitch/mock design, this can be unrefined at this stage as long as it's clear, accompanied by a statement of how it represents the festival ethos. If you have visual references of previous work you would adapt to give us a clearer idea then please supplement the description with this.

We don’t have the capacity to follow up with those who don’t describe their design pitch and whose eligibility is in question, so please be clear. If you have any questions, please ask us!

Deadline: August 20th 2021

We’re looking for a fast turnaround on this and will close submissions as soon as we’ve found someone.

Thank you for your interest - if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out on

Have a look at our previous posters below:

LWFF 2020 At Home

Poster design by Ting Ting Ying


LWFF 2019

Poster design by Samantha Harvey


LWFF 2018

Poster design by Madeleine Moore


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