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Venue Announcement & Date Change!

It's been another challenging year as the landscape for festivals and film exhibition in the UK remains precarious. This has been particularly felt by us at Little Wing, while we've been navigating restriction logistics, funding landscapes, and what is feasible for our small team. When opening submissions for Little Wing Film Festival in early 2021 we were slightly more optimistic about where the country might be come September and, while London has opened up, the impacts of the last year's limitations are still being felt.

We are very excited to announce that, with a few changes to the initial dates and format of Little Wing 2021, we will be holding the festival September 21st - 26th in a hybrid format! Thanks to the incredible team at Everyman, we've found a home for our opening night in their new cinema in Chelsea. We'll be very excited to welcome our filmmakers and community back to the cinema and celebrate into the night with drinks and live music!

So, what will the rest of the week look like? After opening night, we'll continue with on-demand film programmes for the rest of the week with online workshops, panels, and Q&As. Come Sunday the 26th, we'll bring the festival to a close as we head back to our old stomping grounds at The Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington. This incredible community anchor was the first place that ever opened its doors to us at Little Wing when we held our first festival there in 2017. On Sunday we'll have a screening in the theatre (with very limited seats!) with ticket proceeds going towards supporting this independent venue we love so dearly. We'll close the night with just the family, in an intimate and informal awards night in the theatre for the filmmakers who can join us in reuniting, cheering each other on, networking over a beer, and celebrating another year of resilience, resourcefulness, creativity and dedication from this incredible community of grassroots filmmakers.

We hope to see you once again at this year's festival, where we'll be showcasing films from a group of young creatives who have been standing strong in the face of a decimated industry, underemployment, and scare opportunities, and we are so proud of how they've continued to champion their own work. You can stay up to date on the latest LWFF news by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on socials for more programme details to come.

And from us - we remain a tiny volunteer-run team of young creatives pushing for change in the film industry at a grassroots level. Though this has been a challenging time for us personally, balancing the pandemic, our jobs, health, responsibilities, and well-being, the support and resilience of this community has been invigorating. Thank you to everyone who has continued to show us love and patience over the last year and a half.

If you'd like to share your thoughts on the changes, you can either email is at

or submit to our Google Form here.

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