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Little Wing x UK Film Review

We're very excited to be teaming up with UK Film Review as this year's Media Partner!

UK Film Review is a London-based film reviews website which promotes films and movie trailers from around the world, going above and beyond to #supportindiefilm.

From the latest blockbusters, to small indie cinema, they tackle as many films as they can, reviewing them from all aspects, not just how many digital landscapes can be blown up using CGI. They also review short films in the UK and internationally, helping filmmakers to promote their movies and raise their profile. For our filmmakers pushing to get the word out and the world shouting about their projects, you can have your short or indie film reviewed by their team, just submit here. Their merry band of film critics are constantly hard at work, writing film reviews, or watching movie trailers for some of the most exciting movies coming out in UK cinemas.

As a partner of Little Wing Film Festival this year you, yes, you reader, can submit your own review to our dedicated UK Film Review page and share your reviews of the films you've seen at this year's festival. Let's start a dialogue, provide some review content for our emerging filmmakers, and allow this festival to be more of a catalyst for career growth.

See what else UK Film Review are up to, and check out more reviews of independent and blockbuster favourites, here.

UK Film Review on Social Media

Facebook - @UKFilmReview

Twitter - @UKFReview

Instagram - @UKFilmReview

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