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LWFF 2022 Award Winners

We're excited to present the award-winning films for Little Wing Film Festival 2022!

After a brilliant week of screenings, events, and celebrations, we're very excited to announce this year's award winning films who our jury have chosen from a pool of incredible nominations. We want to take a moment to say congratulations to all the nominated films, filmmakers, cast and crew in what has been an incredibly competitive year for our awards and recognise 2022 as a challenge year of recovery for the industry. What you've persisted in creating is astonishing and every one of your team members should be incredibly proud of what you've produced. Thanks to our prize sponsors we have over 7000 pounds worth of prizes to award as our of facilitating future projects and fostering career growth in a meaningful way. Thank you to our partners at Film4, Final Draft, RODE, MET Film School, Assemble TV, Shiny, Female Film Club, and Toonboom Animation. We believe we have a responsibility to create opportunities for emerging filmmakers that are more sustainable and tangible than exposure and experience. Just like our prizes, we want to make sure our trophies follow the same ethos. Rather than something that sits on your shelf and collects dust - take a look at the Little Wing trophies for 2022. Chopping boards! Cook with them, use them however you like, and when they've made a thousand meals, recycle them! We want what remains not to be a trophy, but the hope that our prizes and opportunity pathways helped get you in a better position to keep creating your next project.

And now, the award goes to...

Best Male Actor Darryl Foster - Hard to Reach Jack Barton - Chronic Miles Mitchell - When the Clapping Stops Willy Hudson - WANK Liam Harkins - Lighting Tests Best Female Actor Katie Jennings - Treacle Town Shaneigha-Monik Greyson - Treacle Town Rhiannon May - MISH + GRAHAM Antonia Salib - Chronic Ioanna Kimbook - Bibimbap For One Best Cinematography Immerse When The Clapping Stops Uncle Late Salt Water Town Best Editing Treacle Town Fifty-Four Days When the Clapping Stops Heart Failure Hard to Reach Best Director Hard to Reach Treacle Town Photo Booth The Out Salt Water Town Best Screenplay Fifty-Four Days The Out No Entry SWÄN SØNG Deepbreaths Best Animated Film Carecrow Stay Curiosa Forget-me-not Silvering Best Documentary Film Barry The Beekeeper Anthroposea Superheroes Wear Hoodies Hanlong Soymilk Shop Heads Above Water Best UK Film Fifty-Four Days When the Clapping Stops The Out Heart Failure Salt Water Town Best International Film

Glorious Revolution Finding The Lighthouse SWÄN SØNG Love Ya Like Poison! Deepbreaths

Film Enterprise Award

Heart Failure

Film Futures Award

Superheroes Wear Hoodies Congratulations to our winners and nominees and thank you to all your filmmakers for making 2022 another incredible year for independent film.

Mariah + the Little Wing Team xx

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