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LWFF 2022 Award Nominations

We are delighted to reveal the LWFF 2022 award nominees!

Congratulations to all the nominated films, filmmakers, cast and crew!

In a challenging year of recovery, you have continued to create and champion your work, and it's been such a privilege to help share these stories with the world.

There are some incredible prizes to be won by our filmmakers this year, everything from software and equipment to film school bursaries, so be sure to join us for Closing Night on October 9th at Everyman Kings Cross for the awards night and an after party with music, drinks, and celebration!

We believe we have a responsibility to create opportunities for emerging filmmakers that are more sustainable and tangible than exposure and experience. Just like our prizes, we want to make sure our trophies follow the same ethos. Rather than something that sits on your shelf and collects dust - take a look at the Little Wing trophies for 2022. Chopping boards! Cook with them, use them however you like, and when they've made a thousand meals, recycle them! We want what remains not to be a trophy, but the hope that our prizes and opportunity pathways helped get you in a better position to keep creating your next project.

Best Male Actor

Darryl Foster - Hard to Reach

Jack Barton - Chronic

Miles Mitchell - When the Clapping Stops

Willy Hudson - WANK

Liam Harkins - Lighting Tests

Best Female Actor

Katie Jennings - Treacle Town

Shaneigha-Monik Greyson - Treacle Town

Rhiannon May - MISH + GRAHAM

Antonia Salib - Chronic

Ioanna Kimbook - Bibimbap For One

Best Cinematography


When The Clapping Stops



Salt Water Town

Best Editing

Treacle Town

Fifty-Four Days

When the Clapping Stops

Heart Failure

Hard to Reach

Best Director

Hard to Reach

Treacle Town

Photo Booth

The Out

Salt Water Town

Best Screenplay

Fifty-Four Days

The Out

No Entry



Best Animated Film






Best Documentary Film

Barry The Beekeeper


Superheroes Wear Hoodies

Hanlong Soymilk Shop

Heads Above Water

Best UK Film

Fifty-Four Days

When the Clapping Stops

The Out

Heart Failure

Salt Water Town

Best International Film

Glorious Revolution

Finding The Lighthouse


Love Ya Like Poison!


Don't forget - we have TWO categories decided on the night Film Futures and Film Enterprise. Film Enteprise will be presented to the best film on a micro budget and celebrates filmmakers doing incredible things on limited resources - and Film Enterprise will be awarded to a film who is championing elements we want to see more of in the future of film. These will be selected from the entire pool of eligible films.

Please join us at Everyman Kings Cross on October 9th as we announce the award winners for Little Wing Film Festival 2022 and celebrate the incredible emerging filmmakers and rising talents we've seen over the past week. Layman Human will be singing us out for the year as we

Best of luck to all of the filmmakers and short films nominated!

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