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Creative Film Ventures Programme - Apply Now!

We're very excited to be working with CRATE St James Street on piloting a 6-month Kickstart programme for emerging filmmakers being employed to develop their own film projects. It is a great pleasure of ours to be part of a programme that is putting the power and funding into the hands of grassroots filmmakers to lead on their own personal and professional development. On top of this - we're looking to hire a Kickstart Project Assistant to help develop and execute the training programme!

This is a Kickstart placement and you must be eligible for the programme to be considered. To apply, please quote LittleWing56 as your job reference to your work coach.

We are searching for a cohort across film disciplines. You’ll receive National Minimum Wage (or National Living Wage depending on your age) for 3 days a week on a six month placement to create your own opportunities, develop your network, collaborate on projects with your Creative Film Ventures cohort, and ultimately set your own goals personal project goals.

The Placement

The placement will be overseen by a mentor who will be available with support, pastoral care, and guidance, but ultimately you will be in control of what your 6 months of development looks like. You’ll create goals together and a plan for executing them, as well as receive wider industry guidance specific to your experience and discipline. You’ll aim to leave the programme with more clarity about the film path you’d like to pursue, a wider portfolio/showreel from work you've developed independently, a wider network of fellow filmmakers, and a greater confidence in navigating your next steps in the industry once the placement comes to an end.

The Cohort

Your cohort will be fellow film creatives looking to learn and develop themselves. While this role will be mostly independent projects, we encourage you to utilise each other’s experience and skills, and build on your networks. Throughout the placement we will decide on collaborative projects which could include 24 hour film challenges, 60 second film productions, film screenings and networking events led by you. The kinds of roles we’re looking to recruit are actors, writers, directors, photographers, and multidisciplinary film creatives, as we build a cohort with diverse skills and interests.

Who You Are

You’re an early stage film creative looking to assert yourself in the film industry and develop your professional experience. You might be someone who has one discipline you’re interested in pursuing, but are opening to learning about the wider creative roles and working both independently and collaboratively.

Are you someone who is goal-oriented, self-disciplined, and can work well independently?

Do you work well with groups and understand the importance of flexibility and collaboration when making a short film?

Are you looking to develop your confidence and clarity around what you want out of a film career?

Are you bursting with ideas and enthusiasm for your passion projects and want an opportunity to assert yourself in film?

You don’t need to have any formal qualifications of a CV full of experience! This role is great for people who have demonstrated a curiosity in the filmmaking process and if that means you’re at the beginning of your journey but have the enthusiasm and vision to develop yourself, this is the place for you.

To apply, reference LittleWing56 to your Kickstart Work Coach. You must be eligible for Kickstart to apply, and unfortunatley we are unable to consider any applications that aren't verified and referred by your work coach.

Submit ASAP to be considered as spaces will fill up quickly, and we are looking to begin the cohort sessions in March.

An example applicant: An aspiring actor who is looking to write their own screenplays and wants to practice their writing and script development. Independent projects could be setting yourself writing and audition goals, working on audition tapes and your showreels, and building your network of independent filmmakers and fellow creatives. Your collaborative cohort input with the group could include working together to create 60 second films, where you’re mucking in where needed in different roles, and you have the ability to act and contribute to the writing process. You’ll gain experience filmmaking, acting, writing, working collaboratively, and will have content for your CV and showreel.

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