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Adapting Little Wing Online in 2020

2020 has been a challenge. We’re all sharing in this experience and, first and foremost, well done on trudging on through to July. This has been an unprecedented time in filmmaking and exhibition where we too have been hard at work trying to adapt to the current COVID crisis and still deliver exciting and dynamic events for audiences and filmmakers alike.

After a great amount of consideration, we are very excited to announce that Little Wing will still be going forward for 2020 and jumping online in September! Rather than a weekend packed with screenings and activities, we’ll now be hosting a week-long programme from September 21st to 27th.

This is a very exciting time for us - and for the filmmakers and audiences joining us on this journey. As a grassroots organisation accountable to ourselves and, well, you, we have a great opportunity to experiment with new ideas on smaller and international scales where we were previously limited by the short span of a weekend in London.

One of the ways we really want to make sure that we get this right is by encouraging our filmmakers and audiences to have a crucial role in influencing our programming – what do you want out of your online festival experience? We know there is an overwhelming amount of choice at the moment of things you could be watching and, if you’re anything like us, you might be feeling a bit content fatigued yourselves. We’d love to hear about which activities have been engaging, which might have missed the mark, and any specific events or approaches you’d like to explore more so we can fill your news feeds with things that excite you. We’ve created a short questionnaire and are asking our audiences, filmmakers and cinephiles alike, to take a minute to fill in and share with us how you’d like to influence Little Wing this year. You can find it here. If you’d like to have a chat about anything further, please drop us an email at – we’re looking forward to creating an exciting week of programmes with you!

For those of you dismayed at the idea of not having physical festivals to attend come September, we’ll do our best to explore what a physical gathering will look like in the months following the festival when we can meet together again as a community. Until then, let us assure you that there are several core elements we’re committed to delivering consistently as a festival – online or offline.

To our filmmakers; thanks to our dedicated partners and friends, our slate of awards, prizes, and opportunity pathways for the award-winning films is still a leading priority, as is ensuring the value of the festival to our filmmakers as part of their support network. We will strive to be as communicative as we can about the events line-up and how you can be involved and share in the community experience.

If you have any reservations about the lack of a physical space and what online screenings means for us and your film (for many of our filmmakers this is their first time screening at a festival) please drop us a line and have a chat with our team who will be very happy to hear from you and talk through how we can make you feel as supported as possible.

To our audiences; we will continue to deliver an impressive programme of high-quality films from the newest emerging talents. With a programme of films speaking to the issues touching the hearts of a new generation of filmmakers, this is another strong year of creating conversations and raising important voices and narratives to keep us entertained, challenged, and empowered. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, and we’ll continue to show up together to support these filmmakers with our positive feedback avenues (if you’ve attended previous festivals, you know).

As ever, it is our privilege to be working with such wonderful, talented young filmmakers. We’re all in this together, pivoting and trying to adapt and succeed as best as we can. This is as much of a learning curve for us as it is for you, so, as always, let’s champion the best of ourselves and each other, learn and move forward together.

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