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iPitch.TV Sponsors Prize for Every Submission

As the first in our line-up of prizes for Little Wing Film Festival 2018, we're thrilled to announce that we are teaming up once again with our friends at iPitch.TV!

This year, every submission to the festival will receive a 3-month subscription to the online pitching platform. To our award category winners, you'll be receiving a 1-year subscription to the platform. Win-win.

iPitch TV

iPitch.TV is the online pitching platform championing indie film talent, and home to filmmakers looking to pitch ideas from TV programs, features, shorts and screenplays, and industry professionals on the lookout to find their next project.

Their scouting member companies include the likes of Discovery Studios, Discovery Network, Sony Pictures Entertainment Television, CBS, New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, to name a few.

Check out their website here and get connectin' and submit your film to Little Wing Film Festival here!

iPitch.TV also close their "Truth Be Told" Non-Fiction Story & Screenwriting Competition on June 1st. If you've got an idea for an original screenplay, pitch treatment, or book for adaptation, that's based on true events, take a look at the brief here and win some pretty cool prizes and have your work reviewed by Phoenix Pictures' Mike Medavoyand and Nash Entertainment's Bob Kosberg.

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