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Poster Competition!

Finally, it's here!

This month we've launched our first competition to bring the work of young graphic designers into the mix and are asking you to create the Little Wing Film Festival poster for 2018!

Thanks to the help of Affinity Designer, Iconfinder, and FontLab, we're able to offer our top 3 designs some incredible prizes this year, and hope to continue to be able to reward our young creatives in more ways than exposure. For the time, we're also able to offer some cash prizes - including a £500 tip from Affinity Designer to the winning design!

So get on board, show us your designs, and take our money.

Check out the brief here, and if you have any questions or comments - just reach out.


1st Prize

Winning poster design for Little Wing Film Festival 2018!

Affinity Designer license

1-year subscription to Iconfinder Pro Unlimited

£500 - thanks to Affinity Designer

2nd Prize

Fontlab VI license

1-year subscription to Iconfinder Pro Starter


3rd Prize

1-year subscription to Iconfinder Pro Unlimited


As Little Wing continues to grow, we want to use our platform to branch out into other creative industries in need of more sustainable opportunities for young people. If you have an idea for opportunities you'd like to see in your field of study or work, or want to share your thoughts on what we're doing and how we could better cater to young creatives, let us know in the comments or on our community page.

All the love,


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