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2018 Submissions Have Opened!

Calling all new filmmakers!

In the wake of the success of our first festival in 2017, we're excited to announce that we're accepting submissions once again for Little Wing Film Festival 2018!

Last year, we had submissions from 200 new filmmakers from over 40 countries, with filmmakers themselves flying from the US, Europe, and Israel to attend our little festival that could. Thanks to the very generous sponsors that have stuck with us to help give back to our filmmakers, we're got some rewarding awards to give away at the festival once again - watch this space for details!

We can't wait to see what new stories and perspectives 2018's newest filmmakers have to share, so submit your films here!

2018 has a lot of exciting growth in store for us at Little WIng. We're taking big steps this year to integrate other creative industries into the fold and generate sustainable opportunities wherever we can. This year we've been able to branch out into graphic design and created a poster competition for students and young designer's to create the festival poster for 2018! If you're interested, or know someone who would be, you can find more information here.

Watch this space for more information, and if you have any questions or comments, let us know or start a conversation in our community forum.

All the love, and excitement,


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