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Extended deadline!

We're approaching our next deadline in 2 days!

We've had a huge range of submissions from all over the world flooding in these last 2 months, and it's such a great illustration of the kind of contemporary talent that is making its way into the film industry today.

It's also exemplified that it doesn't always take big budgets and the best equipment to make some of the most moving films. That being said...some free gear never hurt.

Which brings us to our prizes. Cinematography filters, free licensed music, exclusive memberships, editing software, post-production studio packages... we've wrangled together some of the best prizes for the developing filmmaker to help you on your way with your next project .

Get your films in quick for the chance to get your work seen and rewarded by heading to FilmFreeway!

If you're thinking of attending the festival, not just submitting, sign up to our mailing list and find us on social to be the first to receive exclusive ticket discounts, freebies, festival line-up news, and information on our weekend filmmaking workshop, hosted by Film Club's Pablo Melchor.

Any questions? Suggestions? Just give us a


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