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Lee Filters Prizes

Lee Filters, an industry leader in film and television lighting filters, have teamed up with Little Wing to support new filmmakers at this year's festival!

With a heap of different filters for achieving the best quality cinematography, from orange and blues to neutral density, they're providing award winners with the tools to take their film quality to a professional level.

"At LEE Filters we are proud to say that we have earned - and kept – our reputation as the worlds leading manufacturer of lighting filter products by constantly looking ahead. Our company culture is one of continuous research and development."

Supporters of picking filmmakers up by their camera straps, Lee Filters were keen to contribute to supporting new filmmakers and invest in emerging talent, and we're so happy to have them on board.

Keep an eye on our awards section for updates to see which talented award winners will be going home with some fantastic kit to add to their collections.

Check out the full range of Lee filters products here.

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