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Guaranteed prize for ALL submissions!

Are you looking for a way to pitch your idea for a television show or movie?

We've teamed up with iPITCH.TV to offer a platform for our filmmakers to pitch their movies, screenplays, television shows, short films and new media projects, and connect directly to Producers and Studio Executives.

Become part of a growing online network of industry professionals and get advice on how to pitch your original ideas effectively. Discovery Studios, Discovery Network, Sony Pictures Entertainment Television, CBS, GSN, New Line Cinema, and Warner Brothers are just a handful of their industry executive members scouting talent. If you'd like to see what iPITCH.TV have to offer, check them out here.

This year at Little Wing, our award winners will each receive a one year membership to iPITCH.TV, while all other entrants will receive a 3 month membership.

Yes, every filmmaker (who meets the eligibility requirements to submit to Little Wing*) who submits a film will receive a 3 month membership.

So, for all you students, grads, and first-time filmmakers, get submitting your films here and be guaranteed a 3 month membership, as well as being in the running to have your film selected and win an array of other fantastic prizes.

*To be eligible to submit to Little Wing Film Festival, and thus eligible to redeem this promotion, submissions must be original work by students, recent graduates within 2 years of graduation date, and first-time filmmakers withing 2 years of their first film. Those who submit to Little Wing Film Festival are do not meet this eligibility criteria will not be able to redeem this promotion and any submission costs incurred will not be reimbursed. iPITCH.TV memberships will be distributed by September 30th.

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