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Epidemic Sound Prizes

Introducing our newest sponsors, Epidemic Sound!

For those of you who haven't yet had the pleasure, Epidemic Sound are a music company from Sweden who are a one-stop shop for easy and affordable licensed music for your films.

Founded in 2009 and intending to provide an alternative and simplified system of traditional music licensing, they offer less intermediaries and over 30,000 tracks for worldwide distribution, with companies such as Fullscreen and Discovery Channel under their belt.

The team at Epidemic Sound have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic and generous in helping Little Wing reach our goals of providing new filmmakers with rewards that will help facilitate their next projects.

As enthusiasts of start-ups with a social conscience, they are genuinely invested in facilitating the success of new filmmakers and are showing up to support them from the very beginning of their careers.

This year, Epidemic Sound are offering one winner a years worth of music for all the projects undertaken in that time. For every other category, winners will receive a one-off license for 45 minutes of music to use on their next project.

If you want your film to be up for these awards, plus more, submit your film here before our upcoming deadline!

If you want to check out what Epidemic Sound have to offer, click here, and as a customer you can subscribe for unlimited use or license individual tracks,

and you're clear for usage on all platforms, at all times, worldwide, without ever having to pay additional royalty fees.

We all know how much of a difference the right soundtrack can make, right?

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