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September 22 2019


Low-Budget Independent Filmmaking

September 22 // 12:00 // £20

Venue: Mirth, Marvel and Maud

Join hosts Peter Marsden and Jamie Robson as they open up on the successes, trials and tribulations of low-budget filmmaking learned through the course of their careers. They’ll explore the practical and philosophical considerations of bringing your project to life, covering all aspects of the low-budget filmmaking process and bringing their wealth of experience to the forefront of this frank discussion.


Jamie Robson is a BAFTA-winning actor who has collaborated with prominent industry figures such as Sundance winner Charlotte Wells and Palme d’Or recipient Robbie Ryan. He recently taught an Acting Masterclass at Edinburgh International Film Festival alongside Danny Boyle. Jamie has considerable experience working with celluloid and is regarded as a pioneer within the new British Weird Wave of cinema.


Peter Marsden is an award-winning writer and director whose first short-film Not Required Black premiered at the BFI London Film Festival to international acclaim and recommendations by director Mark Cousins as his favourite short film of the year. From strength to strength, his films have won numerous awards, premiered as part of the Nowness Director’s Cuts series alongside the works of Lynne Ramsay, Jonas Mekas and Daniel Wolfe, as well as premiering in Vogue and Rolling Stone.

The pair have collaborated extensively and together are delivering an exciting opportunity for new filmmakers to learn the ins and outs of low-budget filmmaking, festival engagement, and how to better prepare themselves for their next film project.

Image Credit: Amanda Rogers



September 22 // 14:15 // £6
Venue: Mirth, Marvel and Maud


Whether it's social media, environmentalism, or extremist ideologies, here’s a peek into the lives of a generation fed up with the status quo and are looking to change the world - for better or worse.  Don’t forget to pick up your bag of Metcalfe’s popcorn!

GERMANY – 18 min – Dir. Malika Musaeva​

When Lukas disappears after finding

support in radical Islam, one mother’s

journey to save her son begins before

he’s too far gone. After fleeing a civil

war, Director Malika takes from her

own family experiences with radicalization to explore whether it’s something unsuspecting family members could have seen coming – and prevented.

UK – 13 min – Dir. Amber Tordoff- Gibson

OverExposed follows the story of an ambitious couple in London who find themselves getting lost in the boundaries of who they are in reality and on online. Who are they when the cameras aren’t rolling?


ISRAEL – 11 min – Dir. Alona Amram

A teenager wades through the muck of young adulthood in the wake of celebrating her Bat Mitzvah. Tensions between her family and peers persist, but Toher is determined to have her cake.

USA – 5 min – Dir. Kelsey Ferrell

A short  film about not taking life for granted as told by those at the beginning of it. Here’s To explores recognising the beauty in everyday life and appreciating what it means to be alive.

UK – 38 min – Dir. Laura Mahler

Four young filmmakers take matters

into their own hands as they explore

the crisis of plastic pollution in the UK

and abroad, while seeking solutions

and documenting the realities of

going ‘plastic free’. 

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i can stand ss.JPG


September 22 // 16:15 // £6
Venue: Mirth, Marvel and Maud


From father and sons, to married couples and lover, we’re exploring the diverse, and often fragile, dynamics of relationships and how they play into our lives. Don’t forget to pick up your bag of Metcalfe’s popcorn!

USA – 19 min – Dir. Chrissie De Guzman

Championing visibility of non-binary relationships, Throuple follows a struggling stripper as she makes a house call to a progressive married couple, whom eventually challenge the way she sees love, life and her own sexuality.


ISRAEL – 10 min – Dir. Core Neimen

After a game of hide-and-seek, two recently reconnected cousins find themselves entwined in more than just talking for the first time in years.


USA/INDIA – 20 min – Dir. Sohil Vaidya

The father of an aspiring graffiti artist,

Akash, has very different aspirations for

the future of his son. Rebelling against a

conventional path, Akash struggles to

find his creative voice in the vast and

liberating spaces of Mumbai.

UK – 8 min – Dir. Matthew Cullum

After a traumatic event on a night out, a young man seeks comfort from his best friend. Monsoon Season is a story of two gay men trying to grapple with how to deal with sexual assault, and the importance of queer friendship.


ISRAEL – 19 min – Dir. Ronnie Zidon

On the eve of accepting the coveted Best Blogger award, a self-absorbed online starlet returns home to find that her girlfriend has changed the locks, and seeks comfort from her online “friends”. 

difficult people screenshot.PNG

THIS IS US UK + Awards/Afterparty

 September 22 // 18:00 // £6
Venue: Mirth, Marvel and Maud

From the highs and high-rents, to the lows and lonely Londoners, the newest home-grown voices in film give us a snapshot into what’s happening in the UK today.  Don’t forget to pick up your bag of Metcalfe’s popcorn!

UK – 15 min – Dir.  Sophia Carr-Gomm

It’s the turn of the New Year and a young

woman fumbles her way through an

unknown future in this funny, neurotic

and sad love letter to London, exploring

friendship and loneliness in this big city

we call home.

UK – 12 min – Dir. Caroline Lang

A young woman tries coming out bisexual as to her friends and family while struggling with having to also defend the legitimacy of her sexuality.

UK – 13 min – Dir. Billy Morton

Bertie Pinkerton-Smythe, alias "Whiskey Stone", struggles to make it as a grime rapper in the rural countryside of Compton, Berkshire.

UK – 15 min – Dir. Felix Bazalgette & Toby Bull

A tour group of pensioners explore the picturesque English village of Harmondsworth, unaware that Europe’s largest immigration detention centre sits on its outskirts. The interwoven story of a Pakistani refugee exposes radically different ideas about what it means to be British and examines the ambiguous line that today separates tourist from migrant, citizen from immigrant.


UK – 23 min – Dir. Paul Baker

A camera crew is sent to follow a group of Arts alumni to document life after graduation. This bittersweet mockumentary follows three aspiring actors as they try to launch their careers and highlights the highs and lows of following your dreams. 

The Awards ceremony will begin 30 minutes after the close of the festival’s last screening. Please stick around and enjoy music at the bar as we cheer on some incredibly talented young filmmakers!

Photo 7 Screen_Shot_2019-04-26_at_15.28.


September 2 // 20:00   

Thanks to our friends and sponsors, we're

able to make Little Wing Film Festival a more

sustainable opportunity for young creatives 

by offering prizes to help facilitate future

projects and foster career growth. 

This year we have £6000 of

cash and prizes to award our winning

filmmakers, from filmmaking equipment

to screenwriting software, and each winner

will recieve an advice session with BBC Films. 

Keep an eye out for the nominees to be announced soon and we look forward to welcoming you to the festival, and to our awards night, where you can help us in cheering on our filmmakers and lifting one another up. 

Find our filmmakers online, follow their work, and let the festival be a catalyst to discover more independent films and art that you love.

Thank you for being with us. 

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