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September 2nd 2017

Today’s workshop will be run by Nicola Peluso, an independent filmmaker and actress who has moved from Los Angeles to sunny ol' London and has a wealth of experience making very low-budget films. As an actress, her most recent film credits include "I Love New York", directed by Christian Vogeler (Silver Linings Playbook / American Hustle), which is currently making it's mark on the festival circuit. Nicola's training includes Lee Strasbourg 2-year conservatory, STUDIO at American Conservatory Theatre & ISDA London, which also being a member of Actors Centre, Equity UK and Spotlight. Nicola is one of the avid creatives behind We Are Film Club, a monthly meet-up of aspiring and established film professionals in all different working capacities, who want to broaden their experience of different roles in the filmmaking process.


Nicola's workshop will focus on the ins and outs of creating guerrilla films on micro-budgets. Bring your work, questions, and a collaborative attitude as the class discusses and works through the obstacles faced by emerging filmmakers today. The workshop is best suited to filmmakers who want to improve their work without increasing their budget, who want a taster of what a future in filmmaking may can hold, and for those filmmakers who need to be reminded that a big budget doth not a great film make. 

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Young filmmakers are shedding light on some of the contemporary struggles faced by their generation, from mental health and relationships, to not wanting to be village pillaging monsters. Real talk. These shorts are emotive and rooted in truth, illustrating how film can be an instrumental medium for addressing current social issues and personal stories.

Don’t forget to pick up your free popcorn on the way in!

Papilio – UK – 6 min

On The Way Up - USA – 22 min

Hirvio – USA – 4 min

Dreamers – UK – 14 min

Parental Guidance – USA - 9 min

Strange Kid – USA – 15 min


TOTAL TIME: 70 minutes

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Channelling our inner Jean Valjean’s, tonight we’re asking “who am I?”

From forging new identities to reassembling those pieces once our foundations have been shaken, these stories from across the seas come together to share in the commonality of this human experience.

Illuminosity - USA – 4 min

Beneath The Skin – USA – 22 min

Pas D’Yeux – USA – 4 min

Call of The Running Tide – USA – 16 min

Sudden Rain – South Korea - 7 min

Riptide – Australia – 12 min


TOTAL TIME: 67 min

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NEEDLE BOY Feature Film (Denmark)

9:30pm – 10:50pm

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Life has become unbearable for Nick, who is convinced he’s an evil person. He shows up at university with a gun in his pocket intending to shoot his fellow students, but something beats him to the punch. He discovers that a few hours before, his schoolmates have died in a class trip out to sea. Standing alone and armed, everyone around him perceives his frustration as guilt, and Nick descends into a very dark 24 hours in Aarhus.


Language: Danish (English subtitles)

Disclaimer: This screening contains

explicit sex scenes and nudity, and

is strictly 18+. ID is required.

Don’t forget to pick up your free

popcorn on the way in!

TOTAL TIME: 73 min

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