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Friday 24th

After a year of the UK government telling us to rethink, reskill and reboot for a chance at successful post-pandemic careers in cybersecurity - artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, and creatives across the country said no, continuing to champion the importance of art, culture, and following your passions. 

Do not rethink. Do not reskill. Do not reboot. Do not give up. 

An online screening, get tickets here and keep an eye out on Instagram for Q&As with the filmmakers!

Pointe Black

Rebecca Murray / UK / 5 Min

Marie-Astrid Mence has been a member of Ballet Black since 2014—a seminal dance company formed of Black and Asian performers who astound audiences with displays of balletic beauty and power. In this documentary, Mence narrates her uncomfortable journey from adolescent to ballerina and her struggles in an industry that fails to see past her skin colour.

Pointe Black_edited.jpg
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Slam Poet

Ella Cesari / US / 5 Min

Antonia, a mellow spoken word poet, has a secret: she’s also notorious pro wrestler Acetoni. Her two lives never intersect--until she accidentally double-books one night.

Wifi Rider

Roxy Rezvany / UK / 13 Min

Queer Palestinian teenager Shukri spends his days on the internet. Immersed in a world where Western popstars preach self-love and acceptance, he escapes from his lonely life in Jerusalem. But when he realises this digital paradise isn’t real, Shukri must confront the truth about the world in order to find his place in it.

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Beast of Burden_edited.jpg


Sel MacLean / UK / 6 Min

JUN explores the ideas of Jun Rhee, a South Korean craftsman working in the North of England. Jun shares his view on the importance of hand made ceramics in today's society over factory made tableware.

Beast of Burden

Christopher Deakin / UK / 13 Min

Conor, a young footballer is going from trial to trial desperately in search of his break. When he has a chance encounter with a girl called Maya his whole world view is thrown into doubt when she tells him to give up.



Nancy Sullivan / UK / 8 Min

A group of drama school students eagerly await their Masterclass from a prolific West End star. But just how far will she go to get the results she wants for her art, and who will she destroy on the way?

Hopper's Day

Jingqi Zhang / US / 5 Min

A cricket wants to achieve their dreams and must venture beyond an  abandoned quarry to get there. 

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Yeah, Yeah_edited.jpg

Yeah, Yeah

Rodrigo Mella / UK / 13 Min

A street trumpeter desperately tries to sell an old keyboard to fund his plastic surgery.

Last Day Today

Nelson Liu Yihong / Singapore / 21 Min

A film following Denny and Ivy, the owners of the largest movie poster business in Southeast Asia, as they leave their physical store after 16 years for a new future online - and the emotions, memories and goodbyes of their last day at Esplanade.

Last Day Today 2_edited.jpg
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