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Little Wing Film Festival 2018


We have now closed submissions for 2018! Keep an eye out for our next call for entries by signing up to our mailing list of following us on social.

We'll be updating with information on panel discussions and workshops. If you have an idea for something you'd like to see, let us know on our community page or drop us a line. 

Design Opportunities

We're opening up Little Wing to the design community! 

If you're a budding graphic designer, we're looking for a talented artist to design the next festival poster for 2018. We've got some fantastic prizes for our top 3 posters, so head to Graphic Design to enter your design. 

Digital Support


We're collating information from industry professionals to distribute amongst our channels and provide ongoing advice, support, and guidance. Sign up to our mailing list and follow us on social for exclusive news and advice. 

If you're a keen writer with something to shout about, send us your pieces and we can upload them into our news section to share. 

World Domination

Having started in film, we're looking forward to exploring the opportunities we can create for young people breaking into design and music ... and wherever else young creatives are looking for more sustainable opportunities! If you have an idea where you would like to see this kind of change for your industry, let's have a conversation and see what we can do to make the playing field a little fairer for new creatives. 

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