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Wednesday 5th     Borough Yards

It’s here! Join us for a night of brilliant independent shorts, live music, and a welcome back party as we gear up for a week packed with grassroots film and culture.


Tonight we’re taking over Everyman Borough Yards for stories about family, love, heartbreak and hope. The  in-cinema screening starts at 7:30, with arrival from 7pm.

Salt Water Town

Dan Thorburn / UK / 15 Min

As rising sea levels loom across the coast of Wales, a father and son clash over the future of their failing caravan park.

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Coleen Baik / US /  3 Min

A true story about an old woman's mysterious journey to fulfil the cravings of her pregnant granddaughter.

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The Out

Harry Brandrick / UK / 15 min

35-year-old Liam, a recovering heroin addict, looks after his young daughter for the first time since being out of prison and getting clean. These 24 hours see Liam piecing together his life after prison and his complicated journey to recovery.

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Heart Failure 5 copy.png

Heart Failure

Will Wightman / UK / 10 Min

When Frank falls for his one night stand, he must do everything he can to stop his heart from breaking completely, in this musical comedy.

The Magentalman and the Gentlemint

James Crang / UK / 5 Min

The Magentalman lives an ordinary life in his empty world, every day is the same. Life is boringly black and white, until there’s green. Mint green. A gay love story about how it feels to find your soulmate. 

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Deep Breaths

Yahav Winner / Israel / 11 Min

In the middle of her friends' engagement party, Shay-lee has a panic attack. Yahav arrives to calm her down, and remind her that she just needs to keep breathing.

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No Entry

Kaleb D'Aguilar / UK / 13 Min

Against the backdrop of the Windrush scandal, a Jamaican mother, Valerie Powell, struggles to keep her relationship with her son Eli intact. Keeping the threat of deportation a secret and suffering in silence as she battles the hostile environment, her psychological state deteriorates as she grapples with the fear of losing her son and the country she calls home.

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Swan Song 2 copy.png

Swän Søng

Daniel Christophersen / Norway / 9 Min

After Scandinavians Amanda and Eva accidentally run over a swan on a business trip to Wales, the threat of being trialled for treason exposes the true trust, loyalty and friendship of two best friends about to become business partners.

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Fifty-Four Days

Phoebe Torrance, Cat White / UK / 17 Min

When tragedy strikes, a spirited young woman turns to wild swimming in search of answers. By swimming each day at dawn and forming an unlikely friendship, she learns to accept her grief and the grief of those around her.

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