2019 Award Winners

Little Wing Film Festival 2019 is done and dusted! We're very excited to announce this year's award winners who are taking home some incredible prizes thanks to our sponsors. At Little Wing we want to be able to award our filmmakers with prizes that help facilitate future projects and foster career growth, from software and equipment to opportunity pathways. So, it made sense to have that ethos spill over into our award trophies! Rather than something to collect dust on your shelf, we'd like you t have a trophy that you can use - this year our winners will take home engraved chopping boards! We hope you'll use them well and discard when the time comes, but the memories and impact from the pr

2019 Awards Nominations

From first-time filmmakers with smartphones to seasoned Master's thesis films, we've had hundreds of films submitted to Little Wing this year with stories as diverse as the filmmakers themselves. The calibre of work has been exceptional and it's such a privilege to be able to act as a platform for these emerging filmmakers. We're very excited to announce this year's award nominations. BEST UK FILM Tracks The Connection Troubled Waters Mash Cross BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM CODA Difficult People Dark Hearts Hollywood Is In Her Head Throuple BEST DIRECTOR Lou Cheruy Zidi Hollywood Is In Her Head Chrissie De Guzman Throuple Maria Neheimer Dark Hearts Tyro Heath Mash Gemma Norton Troubled Waters BE

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