Mobile Cinema Screening at UVFF

This month we're excited to announce that Little Wing will be presenting a series of short films at Unrestricted View Film Festival 2018 - and we're doing it in style! Step back into the 1960s and take a seat inside a Vintage Mobile Cinema. With only 18 tickets on sale for the event, it's sure to be an intimate screening and as unique a cinematic experience as you can get. It's the best 40 minutes in the back of a van that a fiver can buy, so get your tickets here! We've selected some fantastic shorts from Little Wing Film Festival 2017 so, for those of you who want to check out what Little Wing is about and see the high calibre of films that 2018 promises, come along and join us! Screening

Iconfinder Prizes

If you're a student or new graphic designer, check out what Iconfinder prizes, plus many more, you could win by entering this year's

FontLab Prizes

Check out the heap of prizes up for grabs in our Little Wing Film Festival 2018 poster design competition!

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