BlackMagic Design Prizes

Major Prize Alert! Thanks to our friends at BlackMagicDesigns we have over £1000 worth of incredible post-production software up for grabs! Leaders in visual effects and motion graphics, these comprehensive studio packages are essential in raising your film's production quality to a professional level. Take a look at what 2 lucky filmmakers can look forward to, and click through for a comprehensive rundown. They also have a heap of free software that you can try, just start here and keep exploring.

Extended deadline!

We're approaching our next deadline in 2 days! We've had a huge range of submissions from all over the world flooding in these last 2 months, and it's such a great illustration of the kind of contemporary talent that is making its way into the film industry today. It's also exemplified that it doesn't always take big budgets and the best equipment to make some of the most moving films. That being said...some free gear never hurt. Which brings us to our prizes. Cinematography filters, free licensed music, exclusive memberships, editing software, post-production studio packages... we've wrangled together some of the best prizes for the developing filmmaker to help you on your way with your nex

RocketStock Prizes

We are very excited to announce our latest award sponsor, RocketStock! Leaders in the industry, here you'll find the best range of video assets, video elements, and after effects templates to apply to your post-production for professional quality editing. Three award winners will receive $100 credit each to put towards online purchases and have their films looking like big budget blockbusters. Festival submissions are open until the 27th of July, so get submitting, and in the meantime, sign up to RocketStock's mailing list and take advantage of their monthly freebies! Take a look at their full range and start planning how you'll spend your prize here.

Lee Filters Prizes

Lee Filters, an industry leader in film and television lighting filters, have teamed up with Little Wing to support new filmmakers at this year's festival! With a heap of different filters for achieving the best quality cinematography, from orange and blues to neutral density, they're providing award winners with the tools to take their film quality to a professional level. "At LEE Filters we are proud to say that we have earned - and kept – our reputation as the worlds leading manufacturer of lighting filter products by constantly looking ahead. Our company culture is one of continuous research and development." Supporters of picking filmmakers up by their camera straps, Lee Filters were ke

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