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    ACCESSING TICKETS Standard tickets are £5 per day, however this year we’ve introduced free tickets for anyone who might need them, as well as a donations option. We understand this has been a tough time for a lot of people and we’re doing our part to remove one more barrier to accessing the arts. Everyone is welcome here. If you head to our tickets page you can select your tickets for each day. If you are able to purchase £5 tickets, please consider doing so as all tickets and donations go towards keeping the lights on at Little Wing, and supporting an independent festival get through COVID to keep championing grassroots filmmaking. If you’re unable to pay £5, telling your friends about us and sharing LWFF2020 on social media is really appreciated! WATCHING FILMS Each day we'll send ticket holders a unique link to that day's films, which you can watch in your own time. Tickets can be purchased until midnight of that day, and you'll be able to watch the films for three days after release. All our films will be on-demand this year, but make sure to join us for our live opening night! ACCESSING EVENTS We're using Zoom for our events this year, and will send out on the day of the event to everyone who registers. Registration forms can be found under each event, and the events can be found under this section! CONTACTING US If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to email us, or drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! REACHING FILMMAKERS We’re staying connected even while we’re apart. You can find the filmmakers profiles under their film listing, and as join us for informal Q&As on Instagram Live @littlewingfilmfestival. We’ll send out daily newsletters with the following day’s list of events as well as Q&A schedules – just sign up at the bottom of this page if you aren’t on our mailing list.
    Utilising Social Media as a Filmmaker *FULLY BOOKED* Tuesday 22nd, 3pm & Thursday 24th, 4:30pm Kate and Frankie from Festival Formula are joining us to discuss how to best utilise social media as a filmmaker. Where do you start? What platform? What content? The team will give you pointers of how best to approach your social media as a filmmaker with your projects.Keeping sessions to a maximum of five filmmakers, you’ll be able to ask questions specific to your social media strategies and discuss ideas in a conversational setting. Navigating the Festival Landscape *FULLY BOOKED* Join us and Festival Formula for an intimate group sessions with filmmakers on navigating the current festival landscape. Festival Formula are a consultancy company that help filmmakers navigate the worldwide circuit. With the pandemic disrupting the norm with festivals, they’re here to get you up-to-speed to what’s happening right now and how to be prepared. Keeping groups to a maximum of five filmmakers, you’ll be able to ask questions about your film and your own festival journey and discuss best practices in a supportive and conversational space. UK Producers Roundtable Producers are the gatekeepers of the independent film industry, but how accessible is it as a career? Has enough effort been made to diversify producing talent? Does an inaccessible industry mean we're losing out on talented new voices? UK Producers Roundtable are joining us for an honest look at how challenging it is to break into the industry as a producer, and how expensive it is to sustain yourself and your business once established - as well as how the industry could change for the better. Hear about their guidelines for best practice in the industry at large, which they hope will encourage diversity, sustainability, and growth in British film. Creating Your Own Community Cinema Have you ever thought about starting your own community cinema or film club but weren't sure where to begin? Join us for a conversation with Cinema For All - the national organisation for the support and development of volunteer-led cinema across the UK, representing over 1,350 community cinemas. Take exhibition into your own hands. If your area doesn't have a cinema or film presence, if you want to see exciting genres or more diverse representation in the films being shown around you, you don't have to look to your local cinema chain - it's much easier to organise a community cinema than you might think. We'll talk about what's involved in running a community cinema, how to get started and answering any questions you might have. Visit for more information and we'll see you on Friday at 3pm!
  • Monday 21st - OPENING NIGHT
    Welcome to the opening night of Little Wing Film Festival! Join us to celebrate independent film and the fresh talents behind it, and enjoy a peek into the variety of work on show as we set the pace for the week ahead. Appreciation Tomisin Adepeju / UK / 14 min An African Pentecostal Pastor questions everything she believes after a life-changing event. Get in touch Bird Watcher Laurie Barraclough / UK / 10 Min A bereaved girl disappears into the English countryside on the hunt for a very specific, and very special, bird. Get in touch Heading South Yuan Yuan / China / 12 Min 8-year-old Chasuna travels from her home on grassland to visit her father who lives in the big city. However, during her father’s birthday party, Chasuna finds out he has remarried to a Chinese woman. Chasuna has to learn how to accept her as part of the family. Honeyheart Alice Langlois / US / 6 Min Nestled in her cozy tree trunk home, a bird is going about her day when a wild honeybee flies into her house. The small but startling encounter unfolds into an intense, tumultuous journey of anxiety, fear, and self-acceptance. Get in touch The Train Catching Championships Luke Flanagan / UK / 10 Min When a weekend-Dad breaks a promise to get his two kids into the biggest football match of the year, he conjures a new game to win them back, transforming the children from spectators, to the stars of an entirely new sport; Train Catching. Unconditional Austin Jaye Braddock / US / 3 Min After his mom leaves him home alone, Cameron can explore his true self and interests in femininity. Although he is young, he is aware of society’s expectations on boys and must face his own insecurities. Get in touch We The People Fan Sissoko, Virginia Nimarkoh / UK / 35 Min We The People follows six inspiring, intergenerational conversations between local activists as they reflect on the present, past and future of activism in Brixton, a neighbourhood where local struggles resonate loudly with international Black, queer and working class liberation. Get in touch
  • Tuesday 22nd - THE SHAPE OF LOVE
    Caught in the sticky residues of love and loss, we explore the changing vocabularies and dynamics across friends, family, lovers, and strangers. Divorcees Una Burnand / UK / 18 min A filmmaker explores the residues of love and complexities of divorce in a series of interviews with her parents. Get in touch Dungarees Abel Rubinstein / UK / 5 Min Bringing happy LGBT+ stories to the screen, transgender Blake and cisgender Cane hang out, play video games, and grapple with their insecurities. This is their love story. Get in touch Exhausted Chester Briscall-Harvey / UK / 10 Min A long distance couple come to terms with their relationship on a trip to scatter the ashes of a dead pet. Get in touch Eyelash An adaptation of spoken word poet Neil Hilborn’s beloved poem ‘OCD’, Eyelash deals with mental health, OCD and relationships. We follow 'him' and 'her' as they navigate the world of love and its end through a specific lens. Get in touch HOME Tyle Aaron / US / 8 Min A boy goes home to discover who his mother has become. Get in touch Hotel Aloha Paloma Zhu / UK / 2 Min When a hotel worker at a Hawaiian resort becomes dispirited with his job, his happy-go-lucky co-worker encourages him to live life to the fullest. Modern Love Itamar Gross / Israel / 12 min After deciding to give social media another chance, Chaim’s life is turned upside down when he becomes more popular than he expected – at least to everyone else. Sauce Daniel Daniel / UK / 15 Min At the drive-thru, a couple discusses what they want - from the menu and from each other. Get in touch Togetherland Hope and desperation come to a head as a father conjures a half-baked plan to reunite his family. Get in touch
  • Wednesday 23rd - ART AND ADVOCACY and UNDER 20S
    In exploring advocacy and activism through art, we delve into film’s ability to affect our thoughts and rouse us to action. Filmmakers are challenging and championing important social issues with a call to educate and demand change. ART AND ADVOCACY Border/Line Meg Earls / UK / 3 min Border/Line tells the story of the Northern Irish women who have made the journey to England for an abortion. Diversity in Fashion Abi James-Miller, Jessica Foucher / UK / 4 Min Abi, a disabled shopper and lover of fashion, attends London Fashion week to find out if real diversity exists in fashion, Get in touch FLUFFYPUNK Thomas Harman / UK / 11 Min Documenting the insecurities, instabilites, and conflicts which plague the life of a performer, Jonny Fluffypunk shares how trying to balance the responsibilities of parenthood, artistic integrity, and personal happiness is anything but fluffy! I Want You to Live A documentary exploring the ways in which three people - a news anchor, a playwright, and a graphic designer - use their different mediums to talk about suicide. Get in touch The Daring Young Girl on the Flying Trapeze Nina Ross / UK / 27 Min Diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and a prognosis not to live beyond her twenties, Nancy Willis, the now 65-year-old artist, invites us into her world. Combining memories of societal discrimination with the beauty of everyday moments, she opens up about vulnerability, self-exploration, family and maternity. Get in touch Undocumented Rhys Aaron Lewis, Valeria Luongo / US / 5 Min There are over 10 million undocumented immigrants living in the USA. Many of them came to the US as children and it is the only country they've ever known. In this documentary, artist and activist Jose Mora narrates his personal experience of being undocumented in Chicago. Talk Abuse Olivia Egmore / UK / 40 min This documentary takes an investigative look into assault within the UK student community, and the campaign for universities to implement zero-tolerance policies for student-on-student sexual violence. Get in touch UNDER 20S Join our under 20s showcase where the youngest of our filmmakers flex their skills and forge a path for the next generation of storytellers! Hackers Ethan Wilk / US / 9 min A professional hacker talks about the public's negative sentiment toward hackers, discussing their overlooked track record in advancing the public good. Pontiac Alexander Johnsen / Norway / 13 Min A father and son repair a car while repairing their relationship. Get in touch The Words We Don't Say Jess O'Brien / UK / 6 Min Exploring the struggles of peer coersion amongst young people, a young woman is encouraged by her friends to make a decision out of pressure and fear. Under the Influence Sam decides to go on a night-long odyssey. Get in touch
  • Thursday 24th - FORGOTTEN BRITAIN
    Amidst deprived towns, dying industry and lost traditions, we explore a side of Britain that is often neglected and unseen. Young filmmakers are shining a spotlight on the important people, strong traditions and local languages that are at the forefront of an increasingly forgotten Britain. An Tarow Jonny Dry / UK / 17 min Told in the Cornish language and set in a Cornwall that is urbanised, deprived, and struggling, An Tarrow follows young Peder as he seeks out characters from local folklore to take him away from the violence of his home life. Get in touch Brithdir Mawr Thomas Read / UK / 10 Min Brithdir Mawr is an off grid eco community in the Pembrokeshire coast National Park. It is a long standing community that over many years has demonstrated that living off the land is still do-able, low impact living is possible & co-operation works! This documentary is an insight into the lives of those at Brithdir Mawr and the benefits that sustainable living brings. DJ Dougal's Dad Thomas Line / UK / 8 Min Garry Clarke, a.k.a DJ Dougal's Dad, is a photographer and videographer from Northampton. He began photographing local bands when his wife bought him a Yashica 24 and has since gone on to photograph some of music's greats. Get in touch Loco A train driver is left traumatised after an incident on the tracks. Get in touch Sealskin Daisy Leigh-Phippard / UK / 13 Min A magical realist drama inspired by Celtic Selkie folklore, Sealskin follows a young girl who must choose between her own ambitions or her mother’s freedom. Get in touch The Saw Makers Jacob Hesmondhalgh / UK / 17 Min Exploring the critically endangered craft of handmaking saws, we follow the UK's only bespoke saw makers as they fight to keep the tradition alive. Get in touch West of the Lakes A portrait of the Cumbrian coastline, its landscape, industry and people, West of the Lakes uses a collection of personal narratives intertwined with a visual exploration of the region to explore the nuclear industry’s impacts on the area and its residents. Get in touch Get tickets
    Whether isolating indoors or existing on the outskirts, we’re exploring the lives of the overlooked, the ostracized, the forgotten, and the socially distanced. Bulldog Kieran Stringfellowl / UK / 7 min After spending the night in a cell, a rough sleeper has a score to settle. Get in touch YOSHIU / US / 7 Min As the world adapts to the challenges of COVID-19, we explore an ordinary day in lockdown and the quiet moments that become routine. Get in touch Faith Yahav Winner/ Israel / 14 Min An estranged father tries to reconnect with his daughter after later seeking asylum in Tel Aviv. He wants to rebuild their relationship, and she just wants to go home. Fever Tensions are at an all time high in a Corona-struck London as a woman flirts her way through passengers on the tube - and sanitizer is the new currency of seduction. Get in touch Friends Online Samantha White / UK / 5 Min 'Stacey', an anxiety-ridden, lonely recluse, hopelessly tries to convince his favourite young friend, Ellie, that he too is a teenage girl, in the desperate hope that she’ll send him the pictures he craves. Lussevaka Johanna Sutherland / Sweden / 9 Min At a bustling dinner party a young girl, ignored and patronised by the adults around her, forms an unspoken bond with an equally excluded elderly lady across the table. Get in touch Notice Me Catherine Shelley / UK / 6 min Highlighting how society commonly disregards those living homeless, Notice Me follows the journeys of three people from homelessness to independence. Get in touch Out with the Old George Summers / UK / 7 Min A wooden doll is left behind when a family moves house and treks through the world to get back to his dollhouse - but trails a clingy stuffed elephant. Get in touch RAWR A young dinosaur enthusiast is thrilled to discover her favourite show has announced a feature film to be released in April! But when the day comes for her to see the film, Clíodhna learns that the UK has entered lockdown. How will Clíodhna overcome this huge disappointment? The Calling Patricia Homonylo Seaton / Canada / 11 Min Against the law, and against the odds, Brian has sacrificed everything; his job, family, and marriage to rescue Pit Bulls destined for euthanasia. The Calling is the story of Brian’s profound experience with intolerance and stereotypes. The Winter Allignment Joe Lombard / Australia / 4 Min When the moon and stars align, two souls converge at a hut in the snowy wilderness. Get in touch
  • Saturday 22nd - IDENTITY and HEROES AND HOPEFULS
    IDENTITY Nature versus nurture, inherited or forged; young filmmakers are exploring the complex systems informing their identity and their place in the world around them. Alfred Fauchet Georis Mathieu / Belgium / 7 Min Alfred wants to unclutter but scatters, his cars moves but too fast. Boys Lior Soroka / Israel / 14 Min 17-year-old Nadav wants to serve in a combat unit, even though his mother does not approve. A surprising encounter with his coach changes his perspective. Coming to Light Hector Bell / UK / 10 Min A survivor of sexual abuse as a child, Aaron adjusts to a life where the physical demon of his trauma is with him everywhere he goes. When a police investigation is launched into his abuser, he must choose between carrying on socially imprisoned by this monster or confronting his demon head on. Dunya's Day Raed Alsemari / Saudi Arabia / 14 Min Dunya's perfectly planned graduation party is headed for disaster when she is abandoned by all of her household help. Fragments Adekemi Roluga / UK / 10 Min Fragments is a short film which documents a young girl’s journey to understanding her biracial identity, broken home and the effects this has on her. Knock Out Jackson Cook / Australia / 3 Min Eli, a middle aged man, struggling to sleep, is forced to relive memories in a dreamscape, in the hopes to reach an important and guarded memory. Nichol Doesn't Eat Aloysius Ong / Singapore / 14 Min Nichol, a food entrepreneur, is entering her third trimester of pregnancy following a history of living with an eating disorder. We explore the volatile state of eating disorders and their generational impacts as Nichol reflects on her children emulating her perspectives and learned behaviours. Synchronicity Michelle Brand / UK / 4 Min People come, people go - Yet everyone is moving in the same direction. We all are sharing something that we are unaware of, creating one big picture we are unable to see. You, the Choice of My Parents Meli Tuqota Jr / Fiji / 4 Min A poetic journey through the life of a woman going through an arranged marriage, animated on traditional Tongan Cloth called Ngatu. HEROES AND HOPEFULS Forging new paths and scaling greater heights, we’re showcasing the impacts of everyday heroes and their ripples of hope that inspire change. Alexander Alyssa Garoogian / US / 3 min A young musician is locked in the same routine as he practices piano each day. When he discovers the beauty and color of his own imagination through an original piece, can he give himself the courage to express his creativity beyond just fantasy? Get in touch Believe That Caleb Yule / UK / 30 Min Team Santos, three players from Brighton Table Tennis Club, prepare to represent their country at the European Down’s Syndrome Championships. Get in touch Mr India James Fink-Jensen / New Zealand / 16 Min Pratik Patel leaves the comfort of an established career, sells his prized belongings and flies out of New Zealand to follow his heart. When there, he decides to enter the Mr India beauty Pageant held in New Delhi, without his family's knowledge. Get in touch Rollcall In 1991 a plane went down just south of CFB Alert, with eighteen souls on board. Thirteen people made it out alive. Looking through the eyes of the survivors we look at the tragedy, and how they survived. Get in touch The Man With the Pram Nick Fore / UK / 11 Min The heartwarming story of John Burkhill, who overcame emotional trauma by pushing a pram round the streets of Sheffield in a bid to raise £1,000,000 for charity. At 81, he’s out fundraising every day and still competes in distance races all over the UK to help reach his target. Get in touch The Wave Julian Sonntag / Jamaica / 20 Min The Wave follows Jamaica's skateboarding and surfing scene as it builds the first street skatepark on the island, with help from a team of international volunteers and the Concrete Jungle Foundation. Get tickets
    WOMEN Bringing strong, diverse female-led narratives to the screen, we’re exploring the dynamics of relationships, family, love, loss, and gendered expectations. Pineapple Max Lincoln / UK / 13 min An ambitious artist struggles to bury her envy when her idle girlfriend captivates the art world with an accidental masterpiece. Get in touch Wrong Rythm Avigail Graetz / Israel / 12 Min When a woman finds out her baby has died eight months into her pregnancy, she chooses to keep it a secret so as to not disrupt her brother's wedding celebrations. Get in touch Between Walls Harry Brandrick / UK / 11 Min A young woman relives the events leading to up an act of violence, as she leaves her house and walks to a police station to meet with the victim. Get in touch Aquifer After her grandmother’s death, a stubborn girl finally learns to face her grief as she chases the memory of her grandmother through an aquatic, bioluminescent dreamscape in an attempt to reconnect. Get in touch The Desert Daphski / UK / 23 Min Jordan, a rebellious 24 years old girl with nothing to lose, travels to a camp in the desert to become a mule, a smuggler who for a few thousand euros, will carry drugs in her stomach, in order to fulfil her nihilistic life. Get in touch Cold Bath Chen Shahuda / Israel / 10 Min In somber solitude and mourning, an ultra-orthodox single mother loses a child to cancer and must pick up the pieces alone, prepare a memorial dinner, and break the news to the rest of her children. Get in touch By the River Sofia Camargo / Colombia / 12 Min In the humidity and silence of their summer house, the shared pain of a mother and her two teenage daughters is revealed. Get in touch ALIVE AND KICKING Alive & Kicking Clément Boxebeld, Julia Mourri / France / 90 min During the Women’s Soccer World Cup, on June 29 2019, the first international match took place where women over 60 years old faced off from France and South Africa. More than just a match, their journeys revealed how supporting one another and pursuing passions know no age or border. Soccer Grannies recounts with warmth and humour the fierce joy and friendship between women coming together to defy expectations. Get tickets
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