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Friday 24th

They say children are the future, and it looks like we're in good hands... mostly. Today we're exploring the growing pains, mistakes, relationships and aspirations that show us the kids really are alright. 

An online screening, get tickets here and keep an eye out on Instagram​ for Q&As with the filmmakers!

Blue Corridor 15

Dubheasa Lanipekun / UK / 5 min

After her family falls on hard times, Elizabeth starts styling her classmates' hair at break time to earn money. As the wider world bleeds into their understanding of their place within it, classroom politics and tensions come to a head in a teenage friendship close to sisterhood that starts to show cracks. A sensitive and intimate portrait of South London girlhood, and how beauty culture as well as race and gender politics get discussed in chaotic adolescence.

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Summer Shade

Shira Haimovici / UK / 15 Min

Inspired by true events, Summer Shade offers an insight into an Israeli summer day and discrimination faced by teenage Gal. While relaxing by her favorite summer spot, a group of men arrive to chase violently chase her away.

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Maggie May

Donna W. Guthrie / US / 4 Min

A family-friendly, musical about Maggie Mae, a constant shopper who buys things she doesn’t need. When she gets buried in styrofoam, tissue, and silly purchases, she learns to recycle and reuse.

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The Gospel According to Gail_edited.jpg

Divination Dave

Georgia Madden / UK / 7 Min

Savoury snack addict Dave must resort to extreme measures in order to satisfy his salty cravings.

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Gospel According to Gail

Florence Winter Hill / UK / 8 Min

At 17, all Mia wants is to live life in the fast lane, but learning to drive with Gail is so much more than a driving lesson. It's a life lesson.

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Copper & Nickel

Christopher Shenkman / UK / 13 Min

It’s late at night in East London. Cora is paralysed with fear and indecision. Will she turn back and undo what she's done or walk away and live with the consequences?

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Slave to the Page

Ravi Ghelani / UK /16 Min

An obsessive fan abducts a reclusive author to an abandoned area in a desperate attempt to satisfy his craze and discover the plot of an unreleased novel.

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Christina Giordano / US / 3 Min

Where do stolen items go? This film brings you on a journey from who and where stolen items could have gone.

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Ada & Naemi

Wiebke Becker / Germany /27 Min

When Naemi decides to meet her father for the first time in 19 years, there's not only a journey into the unknown ahead of her, but also a half-sister she didn't know about yet.

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