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Sunday 9th   Kings Cross

Welcome to the Closing Night of Little Wing 2022!


The past two years have made us all reckon with who we are in the face of isolation, who we are in our relationships, and who we are to our community. Whether it's contact and compassion during a pandemic, or the complexities of family and care that have existed forever, tonight's films explore how we connect to ourselves and each other.


Tonight we're taking over a screen in Everyman King's Cross for our final screening of the week, exploring isolation and reconnection just in time to say goodbye once again. Stick around right after the screening as we present this year's awards, and join us for a drink at the bar afterwards to celebrate another stellar year of grassroots film. The in-cinema screening tonight is at 5:45, with arrival from 5pm.


Christian Gordine / UK / 6 Min

A man is tortured by the memories of a relationship that ended as he spends his days alone during lockdown.

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Luzie Ilgner / UK / 4 Min

An old lady living lonely and isolated is waiting for her daughter to come over for tea. As the waiting drags on and her her loneliness grows, plants start sprouting everywhere in her kitchen. 

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Mish + Graham

Nathan Crossan-Smith / UK / 12 Min

It’s 2032. The Connect App has changed everything, but is it the answer to the social care crisis or the commodification of care? An unlikely friendship between two strangers in four meetings, moving between BSL and spoken English. Ready to Connect?

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Benedict Webb / UK / 14 Min

After a young man agrees to help an elderly neighbour with their grocery shopping through lockdown, they form an unlikely friendship that changes them both.

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Yu Sun / UK / 5 Min

Needles are used to repair damage. Stay is a 5-minute animated film made using hand embroidery on tracing paper, depicting the relationship between a daughter and her absent father. Don’t forget to spend more time with the people you love even though you are busy.

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Mared Rees / UK / 12 Min

Eleri has been caring for her mum, Luned, since she was a child. But both have become so invested in their reversed roles of parent and child, that they’ve lost sight of one another and the true connection between them.

Hard to Reach

Darryl Foster / UK / 14 Min

Morey, an anxious mentor living a life devoid of purpose, is slowly descending into a breakdown as he arrives to pickup his rebellious and occasionally violent student, Jackson. When their intended photography trip leads to an altercation on a train, the pair are forced into a nearby forest and an exchange that changes them both forever.

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Eléna Weiß / Germany / 7 Min

Rike has a serious accident during one of her bike tours in the forest. Thrown back on her own physical strength and without any technical aids, she fights for survival in an act of enormous exertion.

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Tessa Moult-Milewska / UK /  9 Min

Overly curious Mary visits her boyfriend's flat for the first time, to discover it’s been stripped bare of all personal belongings. After being denied an explanation, she climbs into his head.

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The Fix

Emilio Miguel Torres / US /  12 Min

A working, single mother is forced to call her absent father for a last minute babysitting request.

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Treacle Town

Casey Hennessy / UK / 12 min

In a small Midlands town, two teenage best friends commemorate their last night together by camping out overnight in a giant department store - but tensions begin to boil as the reality of leaving each other hit home.

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