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Saturday 25th

We're all grappling with feelings of isolation at the moment, whether that's brought on socially, psychologically, or by a global virus. Thinking about how we communicate and stay connected right now is more important than ever, whether we do that through dark drama or cat musicals.

An online screening, get tickets here and keep an eye out on Instagram for Q&As with the filmmakers!

Meow or Never

Neeraja Raj / UK / 10 Min

In a madcap musical, a catstronaut travels the galaxy looking for the meaning of life when she encounters a space pup eager to help - but only gets them into trouble at every turn!

Remember That_edited.jpg

Remember That

Aella Jordan-Edge / UK / 12 Min

A group of friends show concern when another friend goes AWOL after some bizarre text messages. Through a string of video calls, a friendship that had waned begins to show the embers of something more meaningful.

hey, ma

Laurie Barraclough / UK / 7 Min

After seeing a woman she believes to be her lost mother in a car park, Katrina pursues her through the night to her home longing for a chance to speak to her again.

hey ma_edited.jpg
Signs and Gestures_edited.jpg

Signs & Gestures

Itandehui Jansen / UK / 12 Min

Florist Clara relies on smell, touch and sound. She has recently been chatting with Art student Simon through a dating app. They arrange to meet in person. However, during their first date an unexpected situation arises.

Some Kind of Window

Fay Lomas, Zoe Hunter Gordon / UK / 6 Min

It's March 2020 and Nat and David have recently separated. Today is their son's birthday, but David's camping in a friend's living room and Nat is desperately trying to keep it together at home. And whilst both parents want the best for their son, they find themselves pitted against each other. A story of trying to reach out through the digital, of missed communications, and of homesickness.

Some Kind of Window.jpg
Good Grief_edited.jpg

Good Grief

Peter Young / Ireland / 10 Min

A dark comedy of two friends working up the courage to check on their probably dead roommate.


Jack Stockley / UK / 22 Min

Lilith wakes up every day to the perfect man, Adam. He’s kind, loving and handsome, but a darkness lurks in paradise. Lilith seems oblivious to the subtle signs of Adam’s control, manipulation and eventually his domination. Throughout the course of her day, it becomes clear that she is trapped by Adam, and needs help to break free.

The Longest Day of the Year_edited.jpg

The Longest Day of the Year

Lauren Hoover / US / 10 Min

The Longest Day of the Year is a comedic look at the lives of three roommates as they navigate the trials, tribulations and loneliness of quarantine.

剑 sword

Jingqi Zhang / US / 3 Min

When a man stumbles upon a sword accidentally, he takes advantage of the weapon's power and becomes greedy, until he crosses paths with a child. 

Screenshot 2021-08-27 at 17.27_edited.jpg
My Dads Video Diary_edited.jpg

My Dad's Video Diary

Debora Bottino / UK / 16 min

After a former computer repairer is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, home videotapes provide a way for his son to reconnect with him.

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