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Saturday 8th   Crystal Palace

Hope & Healing is a night about our relationships with change and the future. From resilience in the face of hopelessness to reminders of the things worth fighting for, tonight’s all about keeping the flame burning.


We’re taking over Everyman Crystal Palace today, so join us for a celebration of endurance and optimism.

Today we're headed to Crystal Palace for 2 screenings and events throughout the day - including Q&As, mixers and pitching sessions. The in-cinema screening of Hope & Healing is at 4pm.


Saturday 8th October, 2pm, Everyman Crystal Palace

Have a one-on-one pitching session with the team behind Greenlit, a British-based crowdfunding platform designed specifically for creatives. Since Greenlit’s founding in April 2019, they’ve helped hundreds of creatives make their vision a reality and heard pitches from all sorts of films ranging from documentaries to horror to music videos. Get feedback and discuss funding and marketing options with one of their crowdfunding experts at their pitch speed dating event. Spaces are very limited so sign up quickly to avoid missing out. 

You can sign up to the pitching session using this form.

Anthroposea: The Human Ocean

Michelle Sanders / UK / 11 Min

A group of social science researchers saill along the southwest coast of the UK, exploring how people are part of the sea.

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Milly Garnier / UK / 14 Min

Sadie and Rob have been planning on moving in together for a year now. In that year, Sadie has experienced debilitating chronic fatigue and pain, and her illness complicates their plans and begins to govern their relationship. The move-in day is here but it doesn’t look like either of them imagined.  Will they find how to hold onto their relationship, and each other?

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Robby Baldwin / UK / 6 Min

An allegory about climate responsibility. We follow a scarecrow as they change their understanding about how they relate to the world around them. This film was directed, written, animated and built by one person.

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God's Eye

Jane Gull / UK / 15 Min

"God is the head of this house, the unseen guest at every meal, the silent listener to every conversation." 

Chastity is caught between moving on or staying still - it's not the choice she has to make, it’s the consequences.

Fish Out of Water

Jacob Melling / UK / 7 Min

'Fish' feels like she's drowning, and her usual lifejacket of cheap wine and flapjacks isn't working. But it's her best friends birthday party. She's picked up the cake, all she has to do now is get ready and go. A spoken word film about friendship, anxiety and the ocean.

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the bond between sisters.png

The Bond Between Sisters

Jesper Haugsted / Denmark / 13 Min

A portrait of an imperfect relationship between siblings, which plays out on a trip to a summer house. The movie explores the kind of sibling dynamic that can occur in a story that contains two conflicting characters and their disputes.


Aella Jordan-Edge / UK / 12 Min

During a dinner with friends, Lily accidentally calls her transgender partner by the wrong name. Back at home, the couple try to find a way to connect and move forwards. Do they need to be together or apart to grow?

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Brett Currie / UK /  13 Min

In early 2020, experienced swimmer Norma MacLeod quit a career in cardiac nursing to pursue her dream of becoming an outdoor swimming instructor. A few months later, in the midst of a global pandemic, she was diagnosed with cancer. This film explores Norma's thoughts, emotions and worries during this uncertain time and how she used her passion for outdoor swimming to cope when faced with cancer.

Under a Shooting Contrail

Rika Nakayama / Japan / 7 Min

A little stop-motion puppet leaves his studio and explores the outside world. He experiences the vast, dynamic, and unpredictable world of nature through a lens of a stop-motion puppet.

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barry the beekeeper.jpg

Barry the Beekeeper

Ikram Ahmed / UK / 10 min

An intergenerational documentary that follows Barry, a Jamaican-born beekeeper who has been the heart of his local community in Liverpool for over 20 years. Despite the pandemic threatening the closure of his beloved Caribbean centre, Barry takes inspiration from his bees and is still reminded that hope and togetherness can be found in all situations. 

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