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Poster Competition

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For the first time in 2018 we opened the doors of Little Wing to graphic design. We asked emerging designers to create the official poster for Little Wing Film Festival 2018, and take home some fantastic cash and prizes as our way of creating more rewarding opportunities for young artists.

We're very excited to be back again for 2019 with more amazing prizes, not only for our Top 3 designers, but for all eligible submissions!

If you're a student, within 2 years of your graduation date, or a new designer from a non-academic route within 2 years of beginning your career, you're eligible to enter! Entry is free and open worldwide. 


1st Prize

Winning poster design for Little Wing Film Festival 2019!

Affinity Designer, Photo & Publisher license

Fontlab VI license

1-year Dropbox PLUS

1-year Alight Motion 


2nd Prize

Affinity Designer, Photo & Publisher license

1-year Fontlab VI license

1-year Dropbox PLUS

1-year Alight Motion


3rd Prize

Affinity Designer, Photo & Publisher license

1-year Fontlab VI license

1-year Alight Motion

Short-listed designs will receive a 6-month subscription to Alight Motion, and all eligible submissions will receive a 1-month subscription!

The Brief

We want to see how you interpret the ethos of Little Wing. We're run by young people, for young people, looking to create more sustainable opportunities across the creative industries starting with an example we set ourselves. We work to make more opportunities accessible to all young people, facilitating career growth, and succeeding together. You can submit up to 3 designs should you wish, but please note that you're only eligible to receive ONE prize. 

Fun fact: The name Little Wing was inspired by the song Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix - although birds are lovely too. 


Submit your design as a file attachment; ideally in PDF format with a minimum of 300 dpi. Designs need to be printing quality and scaleable to A2. 

The designs MUST include the following:

Title: Little Wing Film Festival 2019

   - Amendments allowed: "Film Fest", '19

Date: September 20-22

   - Different styles allowed. Please note we follow the date format dd/mm/yy.

Location: Mirth, Marvel & Maud - Walthamstow 

* location and date have been amended. Submissions with previous details are still eligible and require no further amendments. 


Website: OR

Social Icons: Please include social icons for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

   - Social handles not required. 

Please note that the design will need to be edited in future to include sponsor logos. This will involved a space being left at the bottom of the page running horizontally. 

Optional Inclusions: 

Your Mark: Include a "Made by ..." signature somewhere discreetly on the page. We'd like to emphasize that these are designs made by up-and-coming designers and make sure everyone knows that it's your work. This is very much encouraged.  





Please note: we will work with the winning design to amend any copy details or make minor tweaks before going to print. Please be prepared to work with us closely in the days following the announcement - usually very quick and easy!

If you have any questions about your design, please just drop us an e-mail! For information on last year's results and our prize partners, head here



How to submit

Submissions must be sent to with your attached design and Application Form, which can be downloaded below. Please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions before submitting your application. 

Submissions open on June 14th and close on August 5th 2019. Prize winners will be notified by August 9th 2019.

If you have any questions or anything you're unsure about, send us an e-mail at

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