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Friday 7th   Canary Wharf

Generations is an exploration of storytelling across times, cultures and family dynamics. Navigating the spiky realities of family and love, asking what it means to remember and mourn, and looking to the future, tonight’s filmmakers are taking us on a trip through time.


Tonight we’re taking over Everyman Canary Wharf, so join us for a night of generational talents telling generational stories. Screening starts at 7:45pm, Quiz Night begins at 6pm. 


Friday October 7th, 6pm. Everyman Canary Wharf

Join us before we kick off Friday's screening for a quiz! Hosted by our filmmakers and festival team, test your general knowledge, film expertise, pop culture references and hoarded useless information. Win prizes for you and your team, from wine and treats to Final Draft 12 screenwriting software! No need to register - grab your Generations ticket and we'll see you there!

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Roxy Rezvany / UK / 8 min

A romantic comedy drama about an immigrant couple in 1970s London, and their relationship navigating both Britain’s immigration laws and each other.

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Ina Morken / Taiwan / 7 Min

Hanlong Soymilk Shop opens from 2 am to 2 pm every day, and is run by 72 year old Zhu Xiuyun. Located in Muzha, one of Taipei's older districts, this landmark shop has offered its traditional breakfasts to customers for over four decades. Sharing Xiuyun's world, this short documentary gives an observational glimpse of this relic, its closely intertwined relationship to Taipei's past, present and future and the woman who runs it.

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Alex Matraxia / UK / 10 Min

Charlie goes through their usual routine; a record on, sifting through old photos, preparing a bath. But one evening, Charlie’s bathtime is interrupted by some old friends who decide they’re going to crash – friends they haven’t seen in years. Though they're bitter about old history and reluctant to host, Charlie's friends help them come to terms with what they’ve gone through and what it means to remember.

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love ya like poison.png

Love Ya Like Poison!

Rosie Yadid / US / 12 Min

Twenty-something Louise returns to NYC after university abroad. She is reunited with her firecracker of a Jewish mother, Nadine, and their relationship seems to pick up right where it left off.

Pizza D'amour

Elsa van Damke / Germany /  11 Min

Her part-time job as a pizza delivery girl leads Suri to the house of Thomas - a man in his mid-fifties - where she finds herself confronted with her biggest nightmare: Her parents' sexuality and the realization of her own double standards.

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The Curtain

Kateryna Pavlyuk / Ukraine / 7 Min

Thirty years after the fall of the Soviet Union, three generations of Ukrainian women relay their memories, variously sharp and hazy, of three distinct eras. Filmed in the year before Ukraine would have to fight anew for independence.

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Bibimbap for One

Ella Greenwood / UK / 16 Min

After the passing of her mother, an unusual encounter with an elderly neighbour helps Hana to put things into perspective.

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the last mechanic.jpg

The Last Mechanic

Jonathan Cross / UK / 11 Min

In 2051, a charismatic but lonely mechanic invites us into his garage and talks us through the ups and downs of the past 30 years. It didn't go the way that you think.

Glorious Revolution

Masha Novikova / Ukraine / 20 Min

In 2014, at the height of the Ukrainian revolution, a mother loses her son who is killed while protesting in Independence Square. Her attempt to bury him as a hero clashes with a corrupt bureaucratic system, testing her view of Ukraine.

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