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Sunday 26th

The festival comes to a close and we're bringing audiences together one last time to watch films, connect, and hit the pub. Join us from home, or at the Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington as we bring things to a close with For The Many, with heavy doses of solidarity, reflection, and hope. 


In-person ticket sales for this screening go to support one of London's exciting and increasingly rare independent theatres. Get your tickets in person, and online, here


Guy Harvey / UK / 6 min

A hole in London lures people to jump inside, growing larger, deeper and seemingly more unstoppable with each victim.



Zamarin Wahdat / Germany / 13 Min

When 8 year old Kati stows away in her fathers truck, Faruk must juggle his responsibilities as a single dad while holding down his first job in a new country. As their relationship deepens, a brush with covert racism tests the bond between a father and daughter.


Charlie Harris / UK / 9 Min

Lauren, an exhausted young nurse, finds herself in charge of a critical patient. In a race against time, she must battle through the pressures of a crumbing health system and choose between his well being or her own.

Shots 2.jpg


Zoe Lytlle / US / 6 Min

Using over 30 hours of interviews, SHOTS weaves together the experiences of living with chronic illness and disability within the United States. It shows an honest perspective, from mentality around living, body dysmorphia, and finding and affording medical care and supplies.

Sundown Town

Mylo Butler / US / 10 Min

Bryce & Mitchell's trip home is disrupted after making a pit stop in a mysteriously unwelcoming town.

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I Stand for Us 2.jpg

I Stand For Us

Almir Datoo / UK / 22 Min

When hotel cleaners are faced with unfair working conditions, Naomi works to unite the team in solidarity against destructive zero hour contracts.


Rosa Crompton / UK / 28 min

Written entirely in spoken rhyming verse, JUMP follows a boy forced to take care of his younger brother Mattie and fend for themselves in a council house in Sheffield. When the authorities come to take Mattie away, a desperation to retain control forces the boy to take Mattie and go on the run.

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Stratum Deep

Lian Meng Rose / UK / 17 min

This historical fiction set in the aftermath of the 1980s Miner's Strike, Stratum Deep follows Robert, a young coal miner, who is severely injured yet forced to rescue his father in the accidental collapse of their coal mine. 

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