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Wednesday 22nd

Stories of love, loss, belonging, and all of the other things that family brings - for better or worse. 

An online screening, get your tickets here and keep an eye out on on Instagram for Q&As with the filmmakers!


Simon Zhou / New Zealand / 22 min

Visited one night by his down-and-out sister, Luc, the struggling owner of a hair salon, must find a way to meet her needs without offending the sensibilities of a wealthy customer.

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Frayed Roots_edited.jpg

Frayed Roots

Nay Tabbara / Lebanon / 12 Min

When her father passes, Raya, a free-spirited expat, returns to Lebanon for the first time in a decade. To attend his burial, she must confront the family matriarch. As she challenges the rituals of grieving, Raya finds herself on the outskirts of a world she once called home.


Rose Kang / US / 5 Min

Amy visits her mother's home to confront her hoarding issue and to address their strained relationship. However, things take a turn for the worse and the two get swept into a junk realm and the must resolve their misunderstandings to escape.

The Cloud is Still There_edited.jpg

The Cloud is Still There

Mickey Lai Loke Yee / Malaysia / 19 Min

When her grandfather becomes terminally ill, Xiao Le, a young Christian woman, faces a critical decision over whether she should intervene with her family's traditional Taoist rituals.

A Descent into the Maelström

David Daenemark / Czech Republic / 12 Min

Adapting the short story by Edgar Allan Poe, two fisherman  brothers are caught in storm, drifting to a great whirlpool as it becomes their puppet master in a fight to the death.

A Descent into the Maelstrom_edited.jpg
Double Happiness_edited.jpg

Double Happiness

Scarlett Li / US / 11 Min

During a Chinese wedding that can cause all parents to collapse into their most childish selves, can the couple survive the madness, with their love intact?

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Without Warning

Emily Macrander / UK / 7 min

A young woman tries to bridge the differences between herself and her parents by contacting her sperm donor in hopes for answers about her heritage. But the conversation doesn’t go the way either of them expected.

Without Warning_edited.jpg


Sivan Malca, Vladamir Dzyackevich, Orit Nahari Tzipkin / Israel / 29 Min

Shlomi is a taxi driver who thinks he can solve his problems and return to his family with money he doesn't have, reminding us of the fragility of good intentions. 

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