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Tuesday 21st

Reckonings with identity and family in the face of abuse. The power of embracing who you are. The human costs and inequalities of a global pandemic. A mouse caught in the military industrial complex. Welcome to the Little Wing 2021.

We're very excited to be welcoming you back to shared spaces for the first time since 2019! We're kicking off Opening Night in style - so join us for a packed programme of grassroots film, goodie bags, drinks, and our first time bringing emerging musicians into the fold. Welcome back, we've missed you. 

Get tickets to the online screening here, or click here to join us in person!

Mother's Cry

Josh Bridge / UK / 9 min

A young boy questions the definition of a perfect marriage after witnessing his mother go through an abusive relationship. His introspective journey uncovers some uncomfortable truth that challenges his view of what a loving family is. Lyrics from Melvillous' rap "Mother's cry" lend the narration to this beautiful piece based on a true story. 

Mothers Cry_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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The Scottish Woman

Gigi Greene / Czech Republic / 13 Min

We're introduced to Diana, who takes us on a journey exploring the personal and societal challenges faced by transgender people. 

Mr Snap

Laila Schmidinger / Australia / 4 Min

In the small office of a manufacturing empire, Walter, a single father mouse, nervously awaits a meeting with the elusive tycoon feline, Mr. Snap. With mounting pressure from his feline supervisor and a young son at home, Walter struggles to make a decision that could change the lives of mice everywhere.

Mr Snap_edited.jpg

Ice Cream & Doughnuts

Reece Lipman / UK / 19 Min

During a trip to the seaside amusements, Robbie and Emily imagine their future lives together. However, one conversation leads them to realise that they may not be on the same path after all.

Thank You So Much

Tomasz Frymorgen / UK / 13 Min

During the UK's Thursday evening clap for healthcare workers, an over-virtuous neighbour is challenged by the nurse next door. His only way to avoid public humiliation is to crush the heretic before him. A short satirical film about the pandemic, Britain's class divides, witch hunts, and the darkness beneath our most righteous performances.

Thank You So Much_edited.jpg


Crystal Leaity / UK / 4 Min

Exposing an ongoing social issue faced by parents of disabled children around the world, we follow a single mother and the challenges and sacrifices faced while trying to secure a happy and stable future as an independent adult for her disabled son. 


Bryher Flanders / UK / 12 Min

This Cornish language film follows Jenna, a Truro girl working at her father’s tailor shop. The banality of daily like for Jenna is disrupted when mysterious Helen walks in, and the search begins for Jenna to find a place in her home where she can truly be herself. 

Something Borrowed_edited.jpg

Something Borrowed

Micky Wozny / UK /  8 Min

Pen to paper, a sweet old woman can’t find the right words. When she lends her pen to a hopeless young man, a whirlwind chase ensues. Struggling to reach him, she realises it’s more than just words that elude her.

Plot 9

Stacie duPerrouzel / UK / 12 Min

While seeking an escape from the world Alice discovers a rough sleeper in the greenhouse on her Mum’s allotment. Isolated during the pandemic, will the need for human connection overcome her initial fear and enable them to help each other?

Plot 9 1_edited.jpg
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