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The 5th Annual

Little Wing Film Festival 

September 21 - 26 2021

A grassroots festival run by and for young creatives, Little Wing is challenging barriers to film, amplifying diverse voices and redefining the conversation for a new generation of filmmakers. Where we want to see real change, we'll start with ourselves. 

Socioeconomic barriers to filmmaking meet entrenched inequalities to shut far too many talented young people out of an industry that really needs their voices. By making film more accessible and sustainable for people at the beginning of their journey, we can help diverse talent flourish and change the direction of contemporary film.
For filmmakers we curate awards, develop opportunity pathways, and build networks of support to foster a new generation of creatives. For film audiences, we showcase the most exciting, engaging and challenging work from emerging and experimental artists. For film itself, we look to the future by supporting and connecting talented people starting their journey with their very first films - every Lynne Ramsay had a Small Deaths, and every George Lucas had a Freiheit.
The future of film is its grassroots, and we're fighting for accessibility, sustainability and inclusivity by creating it ourselves. 

Get Involved

Discover the next generation of changemakers in film 
or join us in raising your voice to help redefine it 
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