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Thursday 6th   Baker Street

Catalysts is a night of shorts from activists, campaigners and filmmakers about injustice, change and hope. 


Tonight we’re taking over Everyman Baker Street to talk about film’s role in changing the society around it, and hear from the next generation of filmmakers trying to make a difference. The in-cinema screening is at 7pm, with arrival from 6:30. This screening will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers, and drinks in the cinema bar.


Thursday 6th October, 1pm, Online

Greenlit, a British-based crowdfunding platform designed specifically for creatives, will talk you through pitching a project, creating a crowdfunder and using crowdfunding to expand and mobilise your network. You'll be able to ask any questions you have about fundraising and learn the key drivers of successful crowdfunding campaigns for your film.


This is a free online event, and you can reserve your space using this form.


Michelle Jones / UK / 13 Min

Based on a true story. Writer/director Michelle Jones lost her uncle (Kenneth Serverin) in 1995 when she was 14 years old. Uncle is a coming of age story set in 90’s London, of a teenage girl whose uncle (with no criminal record) dies in prison awaiting trial.

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When the Clapping Stops 2 copy.png

When the Clapping Stops

Cameron Perry/ UK / 12 Min

Care worker Matty meets his match when his agency assigns him to middle-aged firecracker and epilepsy sufferer, June. Despite struggling to access support from a sector stretched thin, Matty must also provide unpaid care for his terminally ill Grandfather. Soon, balancing his personal and professional care duties begins to take its toll - abandonment and isolation causing dangerous cracks to appear. Written by a care worker

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I Need Air

Jessy Amr / UK / 8 Min

Despite agreeing to voluntarily return to his country of origin, at the end of his prison sentence Omar was detained in prison indefinitely under immigration powers. Locked in his cell for 23-24 hours a day for over a year, his mental and physical health deteriorated rapidly. Omar vividly describes his experience as a Tsunami leaving behind a trail of destruction, and we're taken on that journey as he describes his detention and the impact it continues to have on him.

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Lighting Tests

Tom Nicoll / UK / 20 Min

Malky, a struggling actor, has agreed to help Tom, a director he used to know, with some lighting tests for his new project. He thinks that it’ll be a good opportunity to show the director what he’s capable of, but comes to suspect that maybe he’s just being exploited.

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Dakhla: Cinema and Oblivion

Arturo Dueñas Herrero / Spain / 15 Min

Dakhla, a Sahrawi refugee camp in southern Algeria, has existed since 1975 - with most original refugees still living in the camp. Cine y Olvido follows the Dakhla International Film Festival, a celebration of film in a community that's been displaced for over 45 years.

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Lone Wolves

Elliot Gaynon / UK / 12 Min

A short contemporary thriller exploring the extremist right-wing radicalisation of a young white man in the digital age, through the eyes of his concerned father.

Heads Above Water

Afra Nuarey / Bangladesh / 8 Min

“Heads Above Water” uncovers the hidden truths of the Hijra community struggling to navigate through a society that has all but rejected them. We follow the intrinsic lives of three trans women who forge different relationships within society.

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Just Like You

Sebastien Rabas / UK /  20 Min

A handyman from the south coast of England seeks to understand his opiate addiction by exploring inter-generational trauma in his family, trying to break the cycle before it affects his young daughter.

Superheroes Wear Hoodies

Jason Osborne / UK / 10 min

A group of British Black youths from one of London’s most notorious estates defy public perception by supporting their local community when they needed it the most. Not all superheroes wear capes. Sometimes they come dressed in hoodies.

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