About Little Wing


Submissions for Little Wing Film Festival 2022 are now open!


Little Wing grew out of passion, persistence, and frustration at the difficulty of finding paid work for young professionals beginning their creative careers. We want to provide young creatives with the tools and opportunities they need to foster career growth; from a platform for showcasing their work, to education, networking and support.  


Screening films from students, graduates, and first-time filmmakers, we held the first Little Wing Film Festival in 2017 and have since awarded over £50,000 in prizes, doing what we can to create more sustainable opportunities for young filmmakers.

We believe talent shouldn't be disadvantaged because it's new, and that work in the creative industries shouldn't be reserved for those with the privilege of being able to work unpaid. 

We're a small festival run by young creatives hell-bent on doing our part to pick each other up and push for changes in the industry through leading by example. Be it finances, software, equipment, or opportunity pathways, we will source what we can to award prizes that facilitate future projects and foster career growth.

We are still growing, and in the years to come we want to continue to grow alongside our creatives by adapting to the needs of changing industries. If there's something you'd like to see from us, or if you feel there are other issues in the industry which we could work to address and create space for, please drop us a line and share your story, your ideas, your criticisms and your creativity. 

Let's be a pebble in the pond.